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Valesco Estimating & valuations


Accuracy and consistency are critical to every successful bid strategy, and estimating software is the only way to ensure both can be maintained. Valesco Estimating is quick and easy to use and enables your team to produce accurate and consistent tenders and valuations.

Easy Import of Bills
Convert a BoQ direct from Excel

Flexible Pricing
Price from first principles, using unlimited resources per item

Quick Bill Production
Create BoQ quickly using a standard headings library

Subcontract Comparison
Create Tender Enquiry spreadsheets direct from BoQ

Tender Adjudication
Influence the spread of profit over the project

Enquiry Management

Accuracy and consistency are critical to every successful bid strategy, and with this the need to process Subcontract and Supplier enquiries.

Simple Coding
Bill Items easily marked up for Trades

Enquiry spreadsheet
Link Trade Items direct to Excel

Manage Enquiries
Use CrestDocs to manage the Enquiry process

Import Quotes
S/C Rates imported directly from Excel

Quote Comparison
Compare Quotes & apply discounts


Valesco Estimating & Valuations allows the user to take an Estimate in its entirety, and benefit by producing accurate Valuations with the ability of comparing Earned Value

Seamless Conversion from Estimating
Includes all L,P,M & Subcontract rate build-ups

Measurement Window
Compare claimed, paid & internal quantities for external & internal interim valuations

Earned Value
Review cost to date based on internal & final quantities

Variations to the Contract
Variations can use the full Estimating functions

Easy Measure
Use the DimPad to record Monthly Progress

Onscreen Takeoff

Accuracy and consistency are critical to every successful bid strategy, and this application allows you to take-off quantities from multiple plans directly into your estimate

Import CAD or PDF
Simple to import, rotate, and scale your plans

Compare Revisions
Integrated Plan Revisions

Easy take-off
Trace over your plan for fast and accurate measurement

Alternative View
3D provides easy viewing from any angle

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