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Power, efficiency and productivity for steel, timber, aluminium and concrete structures

CYPE 3D is an agile and efficient program brought about to carry out structural calculations in 3 dimensions of bars made up of steel, timber, aluminium, concrete or any other material, including the foundations with pad footings, piles and strap and tie beams. If the structure consists of timber, steel or aluminium bars, the program can redesign them and so obtain their maximum optimisation.

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CYPE 3D has been developed to offer the user a software program with greater assistance in the design of steel, aluminium and timber structures (design of connections, ties, bracing, etc).

CYPE 3D can operate as an independent program and within CYPECAD as an integrated 3D structure.

CYPE 3D analyses any type of structure made up of steel, aluminium or timber bars and carries out all the checks stated in the selected code. It has been adapted to the CTE and to other national and international codes for steel, timber, aluminium and concrete (foundations) structures. The program undertakes a fire resistance analysis, design and check on all timber sections. For steel sections, the fire resistance is checked and the protective coating is designed. Earthquake analysis is also carried out (Modal Spectral Analysis) in accordance with the national and international code. 2nd order effects (P-delta) are considered with wind and earthquake loadcases.